Feeling Grateful for my Injury

21 Mar

I’m currently at home for the next month or so, recovering from hip surgery. I’m on crutches for two full weeks, then working my way up to being able to walk without extra support. I’m usually pretty active, so it’s weird to know I can’t really leave my house or exercise. However, sitting around and needing help has made me realize all of the little things I usually take for granted when I’m healthy.

Things I miss most:

5. I can’t wait until I can sit comfortably in a cross-legged position again. I haven’t been able to do this since October. I used to sit like that all the time.

4. I miss being able to take my dog for a walk. Or walk anywhere…

3. My independence. I need to have help with almost everything since I’m on crutches. It is REALLY hard for me to ask others for help.

2. Pigeon pose, with no props, yin style, for 5 minutes. Sigh… I miss hip openers!!! It’s at least 90 days before I’m allowed to try stretching.

1. Planning out little activities. It is a mission to do things like take a shower… I have to pack things into a bag, plan how to get in and out of the shower, and it takes FOREVER! And I’m a planner!

It’s also made me see the bright side to having this injury and my time off.

Hidden benefits:

5. My left leg and arms are going to be super strong from all the crutching around and one legged squats I’m doing!I’m really thankful for all the yoga and strength training I did before so that I can balance and get around so well now.

4. I’m totally catching up on sleep (9 hours a night plus 1-2 daily naps)

3. I’m watching all the TV and reading all of the books I can handle in addition to getting quality time with my pup.

2. I have time to do things like write blogs and start Pinterest!

1. I’m getting totally spoiled by my friends and family 🙂 So much love!!!


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