Pics and Vids

Here is my small but hopefully growing collection of yoga pictures and videos. I’m including those of my friends and those I find inspiring as well.

Funky handstand variation, copyright Robert Sturman 2011

Full Cobra by Jasper Johal copyright 2011

Standing Mermaid by Robert Sturman

Photo by Jasper Johal 2011

Drop back. Copyright Jasper Johal 2011

Wheel on a sunny day

Tripod headstand splits. Copyright Jasper Johal 2011

Tittibasana while hiking at Runyon Canyon

Flying pigeon pose. Copyright Jasper Johal 2011

Just keeping it real at work. Copyright Jim Knowles 2010.

Crow to handstand transition and back in Krista Cahill’s class at Yogis Anonymous

Transition to Eka Pada Rajakapotasana. Copyright Jasper Johal 2010.

Doing Scorpion pose with my Scorpio sisters, Marysia and Angela. Copyright James Knowles 2010.


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