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Quote about enlightenment

9 Jan

There are various ways in which you can talk about enlightenment—or oneness.
If you are a neuroscientist, you will say it is a shutting down of the parietal lobes.
If you are a psychologist, you will say it is the loss of the sense of self.
If you are a philosopher you will say the sense of separation is gone.
A mystic would say, “I am experiencing reality as it is.”
A spiritual person would say I have achieved unity-consciousness.
There is one single state common to all of mankind— it is not certain!
The experience is different for different people.
For some people it is like a noise generator that suddenly comes to a halt.
There is immense silence; a silence, which is not simply the absence of noise.
Such a person would say, “I am silence.”
Yet another would be a total witness—witness to thought and life at large.
Some others would land in a state of such compassion and oneness that there is no separation from others whatsoever.
Another person will experience causeless love and limitless joy,
yet others would experience cosmic consciousness, a state of higher awareness.
Whatever the experience, the common denominator is the absence of personal suffering.
Problems could still be there, but they would not affect you anymore.
Because there is no person, there cannot be personal suffering.
You would never the less sense the suffering of the world.
—Enzo Buono & Alfi Martins (from the song, Age of Enlightenment)

I really loved this quote as I am always attempting to bridge my experiences in yoga with my training as a clinical psychologist. I’m  a huge believer in the concept that often we all have the same idea, but it gets lost in translation because everyone wants to define it in different ways.


Image taken at Fred Segal Yoga in Santa Monica